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Frequently Asked Questions and Help

Below you will find all the answers to our frequently asked questions as well as video guides and instructions explaining step by step processes of ordering your blinds to fitting them.

Troubleshooting Video Guides

Although all our blinds are sent out programmed and ready to use, sometimes customer's can get stuck when installing their new blinds and end up in programme mode or try to change the settings and get stuck.

Below we have a range of video guides which help you resolve the most common programming errors. Please click on the relevant image to jump straight to the relevant video.


electric roller blind doesnt stop
How to change the direction a electric
take a electric roller blind out of program mode
troubleshoot an electric blind that does not work
reset a roller blind to factory settings
how to program a somfy rts electric roller blind

How To Measure

For the first step of ordering your blind, you will find a video and a full step to step guide on our how to measure page, which will also explain the difference between a recess and blind size, as we will need these measurements to put your order through accurately:

Click here to open our measuring guide

How To Fit

So, you have received your blinds, that's great! For all fitting information on your electric blind, you will find all the information your need on our how to fit your blinds page by clicking below:

Click here to open our fitting guide

Adjusting and Programming Your Blind

Your new blind and its remote offer a multitude of functions, so your next step will be to make any adjustments you might feel necessary to personalise the setup to your specific needs.

Click here to download our blind programming guide.

If you need help on the below points, this guide will tell you just what to do:

  • Adjusting stopping positions
  • Using the features of MY positioning
  • Assigning multiple blinds to one control
  • Charging and changing batteries
  • Changing direction of the motor
  • Swapping the motor

We set the top and bottom limits for your blind before it leaves our factory based on the heights you have provided when ordering, so you'll only need to set your optional 'MY' mid position or make any adjustments you feel are necessary.


My Somfy Electric Roller Blind Doesn't Stop Where I Want It To

If your Somfy 28RTS motorised blind does not fully go up or fully come down, follow the step by step guide on how you can adjust the upper and lower limits.

This video will show you how to adjust the upper and lower limit positions, so that the blind may stop where you want it to.

Click on the demonstration for our step by step guide:

How To Change The Direction a Somfy Electric Roller Blind Travels In

If you have a Somfy 28RTS motorised blind and it runs in the opposite direction to the buttons you are pressing, follow the step to step guide from this video on how to rectify this.

So if you are pressing the down button on your handset and the blind is going up or you are pressing the Up button and the blind is going down, then the simple steps will guide you through fixing this using your handset.

Click on our step by step demonstration:

How To Take A Somfy Electric Roller Blind Out Of Program Mode

If your Somfy 28RTS motorised blind only works when you keep a hold of pressing down the up and down buttons on your handset, then follow the step by step guide in the video to rectify this.

The video will show you how to take the blind out of programme mode and how to reset the upper and lower limits and reset your handset.

Click on the demonstration for our step by step guide:

How To Troubleshoot A Somfy Electric Blind That Does Not Work At All

If your Somfy 28RTS motorised blind is not functioning at all, take a look at some of the common issues found and how you can rectify these from the video.

You will be able to see instructions for the following issues:
• If your handset is not working
• How to reset the motor
• Check if the battery tube ends are screwed
• Check if the cable and battery is connected accurately
• If the blind brackets are fixed accurately

Click on the demonstration for our step by step guide:

How To Program A Somfy RTS Electric Roller Blind

If you would like to wipe out the memory of your Somfy 28RTS motorised blind, then follow the step by step guide from the video on how you can reset the motor to the original factory settings.

Once you have cleared any memory from your motor the instructions in this video will guide you through how to program your blind.

Click on the demonstration for our step by step guide:

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