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How can I operate my blinds?


There are a number of different options to consider when asking yourself how you want to operate your new blinds. Our collection of handsets, wall switches and timers offer a multitude of functionality depending on what you want to achieve.

They all work using RTS (Radio Transmitted Signal) technology meaning the controller can be up to 20metres away from the blind you want to control and even work through two reinforced concrete walls.  

We have laid out the options below based on the number of channels the controller has. A channel is what we use to connect the blind with the controller. You can have up to 12 blinds added to any channel and you can have more than one controller for the same blind if you want.

Most controllers have three positions you can send the blind to. Up, Down and My positions. The My position is optional and sits between the up and down position to give you that sweet spot as required. All the positions can be easily adjusted too so you can move them about as needed.   

Single Channel Controllers

Situo Pure Remote Control


Situo Pure Single Channel Remote Control

This is our most basic remote, but still a stylish option to go for.

It comes with screws and notches in the back of the remote, so it can be wall mounted to prevent it getting lost or stolen by those small and playful members of the family!


Situo 1 RTS II Single Channel Remote Control

This remote adds a level of style to your home and attaches or detaches from the discreet wall mount, so the remote has a home but can also move around with you.

Telis 1 Remote


Telis 1 Single Channel Remote Control

This remote adds a level of style to your home and attaches or detaches from the discreet wall mount, so the remote has a home but can also move around with you.

Telis 1 Chronis Remote

Telis 1 Chronis Single Channel Remote Control

This remote allows you to automate your blinds to travel up and down at particular times of the day.

You can set one routine (up and down) to run on the timer but also override this by pressing the button at any time.

The LCD display is both attractive and practical, making programming even easier.

Situo 1 Variation Remote


Situo 1 Variation Single Channel Remote Control

The latest addition to the single channel controller family. This designer remote control also features a high definition scroll wheel so you can make small, incremental adjustments to your blinds.

Perfect for day and night blinds or wood venetians where you want to tilt the blind to just the right angle.

Single Channel Wall Switches

Single Channel Wall Switches

Our single channel wall switches are designed to be wall mounted and are a stylish way to control your blind, removing any worry of losing the remote.

Available in white or black, many customers choose to mount this next to the light switch so their blinds can be operated alongside the lighting when they enter the room.

Multi Channel Controllers

Situo 5 io Pure ii Remote Control

Situo 5 Five Channel Remote Control

This remote offers 5 channels to control your blinds making it perfect for rooms with multiple blinds that you want to operate from a single handset.

Most commonly you will use the first 4 channels for operating blinds individually and the 5th channel to operate them all together, but you can set up any variation you like.

Telis 16 Sixteen Channel Remote Control


Telis 16 Sixteen Channel Remote Control

Perfect for rooms with lots of blinds, this remote control is stylish and functional boasting 16 channels.

Perfect for conservatories or big halls as well as a solution to control all the blinds in the house from one please.

Situo 5 Variation Five Channel Remote Control

Situo 5 Variation Five Channel Remote Control

The same designer looks as the Situo 1 but this time with 5 channels to operate multiple blinds in a room both individually and together.

Perfect for those who want maximum control as the high definition scroll allows you to make tiny adjustments to each blind.

We especially recommend this remote for wood venetian and day and night blinds.

Telis 6 Chronis Six Channel Remote Control

Telis 6 Chronis Six Channel Remote Control

Combining the operation of multiple blinds with automation, this remote allows you to set six different channels with their own automatic routine (up and down) to run on their own.

This remote is often used in addition to single channel remote controls or wall switches for even more options. For example, the Telis 6 chronis sets the routine for 6 rooms of blinds and you use individual remotes to override these if/as needed. 

Home Automation & App Control

Connexoon Automation Hub

Connexoon Home Automation Hub

The Connexoon box allows you to operate your blinds from your phone or tablet, set up to three timer controls and control up to 20 blinds from one central hub.

This is the go to solution for those looking to control their whole house and is often used as well as individual remotes within the rooms.

The Connexoon box can also link up with Google Home to allow blind operation using your voice and if you wanted to add RTS plugs to the mix you can also use the hub to turn on any device which runs from a plug, such as a lamp or fan.

TaHoma Hub

TaHoma Home Automation Hub

A central hub that does everything a Connexoon box can do - and more!

The TaHoma box can integrate with Philips Hue light bulbs, Hive heating systems, Sonos and Honeywell systems to name a few, allowing you complete control over the light, heat and overall ambience of your home.

You can set an unlimited number of scenarios and timer controls using a TaHoma box too, making it ideal for larger homes where you have more windows to control.

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