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Powered by Somfy

We're proud to have partnered with Somfy, the market leader in electric blind motors, to provide our customers with smooth operating, durable & easy to use remote controls. Want to know a bit more about the Somfy motors we can offer? Look no further...

Every Somfy motor we offer is covered by a 5 year guarantee. 5 year guarantee

All our wire-free Somfy blinds use RTS Technology. RTS technology

Powered by Somfy

Roll up 28RTS...

Roll up 29RTS
Roll up 29RTS
Roll up 29RTS

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Used in all of our electric roller blinds, the Roll Up 28RTS Somfy motor is completely wire-free & battery powered. Designed for ease of use & flexibility in control, it allows users to set a raise, lower & intermediary position. We will pre-programme the upper & lower limits based on the size information you provide us with at the point of order, so all you need to do (should you wish to) is set your itermediary aka 'MY' position once you've fitted the blind

The motor smoothly operates when controlled by a Somfy remote, wall siwtch or timer & without the need to touch the fabric or manually pull a cord, motorisation can extend the lifetime of your blind.

The head of the motor features a programming button, radio antenna & a 30cm supply cable which plugs into your Somfy battery tube, 3 pin plug or any of our Somfy extension cables

Tilt & Lift 25RTS

Tilt & Lift 25RTS
Tilt & Lift 25RTS
Tilt & Lift 25RTS

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The Tilt & Lift 25RTS is the Somfy motor of choice for our electric Roman blinds range. With an integrated RTS receiver in the motor, it is compatible with all of the Somfy remotes & timers we offer in our store including the Modulis options.

For a complete wire free solution you should power this motor using either the Somfy Single Use Battery Pack or the Rechargeable Batter Pack. With a 12V DC voltage this Somfy motor can also be powered via your mains outlet using a Somfy 3 pin plug with inbuilt transformer.

Tilt 50RTS...

Somfy RTS 50
Somfy RTS 50
Somfy RTS 50

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Finally the Somfy Tilt 50RTS. We use this Somfy motor in each of our electric wood venetian blinds. This motor provides users with the ability to tilt their venetian blinds to an open, closed or intermediary MY position. This is highly suitable if your window is overlooked at street level as you can set the MY position to shut the slats just enough to gain privacy but still let light through; an ideal daytime setting.

This 12V DC motor can be powered by a battery tube or by a 3 pin plug depending on whether you would prefer your Somfy blinds to have a wire-free or mains powered configuration. Using RTS technology, the compatible Somfy controller of choice for this blind would be either a Telis 1 Modulis RTS (single channel remote) or a Telis 4 Modulis RTS (5 channel remote). Each of these remote options features a scroll wheel which gives you more precise control over the tilting of your wood venetian slats.

Need more info? Why not email or give us a call & one of our helpful customer care team will endeavour to provide you with all the information you require.


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