Six Channel Timer Remote Control - Chronis 6 Pure RTS

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Six Channel Timer Remote Control - Chronis 6 Pure RTS

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    Ergonomically designed, highly functional yet very easy to use. The Telis 6 Chronis is a handheld 6 channel radio control timer that allows you to control up to 5 individual blinds or groups of blinds in both manual or automatic modes. Programme up to 6 timer functions per day & using the presence simulation function the timer opens & closes the blinds as if the house is occupied. Creating & naming groups of blinds is easy with the help of the inbuilt LCD screen providing a visual display. Using the internal clock, the dusk function adjusts automatically to account to consider variations in daylight hours. Comes with battery & wall mount included. Battery Type: LR03 AAA Dimensions: 47 x 151 x 18mm Weight: 120g Range in house: 20m with 2 reinforced concrete walls to be passed through


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